Tibetan Medicine Training Program

Tibetan Medicine is an ancient and profound integration of science and philosophy; it is a tradition rich in the practices of maintaining health and alleviating sufferings of both mind and body. Tibetan Medicine is one of the most comprehensive traditional medical systems in Asia. It has nearly four thousand years of history, ever since Tibetans first invented this unique healing system high on the Tibetan plateau. The whole of Tibetan medical study can be divided into four parts or subjects: physiology, pathology, diagnosis, and treatment. With this approach one can study the human body and its illnesses, learn to recognize disorders, and develop knowledge and experience of the treatment of illnesses.

Arura’s Tibetan Medicine training program will have introductory courses on the insights of the healing principles and the healing practices of Tibetan Medicine as applied to illnesses, diagnoses, and treatments. In order to understand each aspect of healing practices in Tibetan Medicine, the courses will thoroughly explore topics of the physical human body and the mental body, its inter-relationship and interdependence. This holistic view provides a unique system for identification of illness or disease in the physical human body, a foundation of theoretical understanding of pathology, and treatments for curing health problems and maintaining good health.