Details from Tibetan medical thangka

Gensokang Wellness Home

  • Full assisted living and nursing facility.
  • Humanized and compassionate care based on the principles of Tibetan medicine.
  • Care for the poor, uninsured, impaired, and forgotten elders.
  • Welcomes residents of all religious and spiritual traditions.

The Wellness Home will use Tibetan Medicine health practices in a nursing home environment to provide humanized care for people needing a welcoming place to stay. The physical structure will be situated close to the other future structures of the project including the consultation and therapy center as well as the marketplace to provide easier access.

The Wellness Home will have all the amenities and activities of a full-service assisted living or nursing facility. It will additionally include basic Tibetan therapy facilities so the residents can be cared for in their living space. It will also include a non-denominational spiritual space for contemplation, meditation and peace as a complement to the other Tibetan Medicine therapies and provisions.

The target group is poor, uninsured, impaired and forgotten elders. Tibetan Medicine practitioners will begin work at the Wellness Home, and in the future also work at the Consultation and Therapy Center. A prescribed amount of time each week or month will be spent at the Wellness Home by each practitioner according to the number of hours in practice at the Consultation and Therapy Center. Students of the Tibetan Medicine School may assist and volunteer under supervision as part of their training.

Gensokang Wellness Home