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Arura Medicine of Tibet is established to create an opportunity for Tibetans and Americans to preserve and engage with Tibetan culture, primarily the Tibetan Medicine tradition, and to serve the community through access to this type of compassionate wellness care. The organization provides education and exchange learning opportunities to both Tibetans and Americans towards creating an environment for the health of body, mind, and spirit.

Tibetan Medical Campus Located in Charlottesville, Virginia, Arura Medicine of Tibet is creating a center for traditional Tibetan medicine in the United States. The goal of Arura Medicine of Tibet in Charlottesville is to create a campus that hosts a range of unique services and activities for the Arura medical and scholarly communities, our healthcare partners at the University of Virginia and in the Charlottesville area, and the patients and families who seek out Tibetan medical expertise.

Xining and Charlottesville Arura representatives. With the support of the Tso‐Ngon Arura Tibetan Medical Group and allies around Charlottesville, we are forging a new understanding and implementation of an ancient medical system that has much to offer to contemporary Western practice.

Mission and Goals of Arura Medicine of Tibet

Mission: To preserve the heart of Tibetan culture and share it with people in the United States.

Goals: 1) Provide education and training in Tibetan Medicine and other subjects of Tibetan studies; 2) Provide wellness care to the greater community with an emphasis on elders, from a mind/body/spirit perspective using therapeutic methods of Tibetan Medicine.

Charlottesville and Xining: Arura Medicine of Tibet is a non-profit organization based in Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. We are supported by the Tso‐Ngon Arura Tibetan Medical Group (TATMG) in Tso‐Ngon (Qinghai) Province, P.R. China. Located in Siling (Xining), the capital city of Tso-Ngon Province (traditionally called Amdo), TATMG is the backbone for resources of Arura Medicine of Tibet in Charlottesville. Arura Tibetan Medicine Group is the grandfather of Arura Medicine of Tibet. These organizations are separate entities but bonded in their common purpose.

The goal of TATMG is to utilize the traditional medical system of Tibetan Medicine to provide good quality care and improve people’s health status at the local and national levels. In order to achieve this goal, five major institutes were established to carry out the various tasks.

The five major institutes of Arura in Tso-Ngon, P.R. China, are:

Tibetan Chörten or Stupa