Welcome to Arura Medicine of Tibet


Tibetan Medicine is a complex, traditional medical system that incorporates a mind/body approach to health care. Tibetan Medicine is one of the world's oldest healing arts and has been practiced for more than four thousand years in Tibet and the Himalayan region of Asia.

Arura Medicine of Tibet in Charlottesville is affiliated with the Arura Tibetan Medical Group in Tibet. In the United States, Arura Medicine of Tibet strives to create an all-encompassing Tibetan Medicine resource center by:

  • Educational partnership and exchanges with the University of Virginia 
  • Traditional Tibetan Health assessment and treatment in the Charlottesville offices
  • Compassionate wellness care
  • Public engagement and learning opportunities through workshops, social events and regular group meditation practice

In the Tibetan language, the Tibetan Medicine term is "Sowa Rigpa" meaning “knowledge and science of healing”. "Sowa" translates “to heal the illnesses or disorders”; "Rigpa"translates to “the knowledge or science of a particular subject”

By sharing the ancient healing practices of Tibetan Medicine, Arura Medicine of Tibet hopes to encourage the preservation of Tibetan culture and craft a new approach to healthcare in contemporary western society.